Intentional Goal Setting

Goal setting is a fantastic way to make sure you’re living your life with intention and getting everything you want out of it. Most of us have aspirations and wishes, but how often are you setting real, achievable goals for yourself? There’s a big difference. Wishes, resolutions and aspirations are vague. Examples: “Do more yoga.”“Be better at […]

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Take a moment. Sit down and think about how you’re feeling today. Is it different from how you felt before the challenge started? SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER: how’s your sleep? have you gained muscle? do your clothes feel like they fit differently? has your mood changed over the last two months? is there a new

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Students often ask us for the best way to fuel their bodies. We love watching our members crush their fitness goals, and this sometimes includes losing or gaining weight. It also often involves gaining muscle and improving mental health, so we want to be super clear on this: Food is fuel, and at Yoga 360



You can use props to amplify, modify or just make a posture work better for your beautifully unique body. The function of most props in yoga is just to bring the ground closer to you and make it a more appropriate shape for your body, but we also love using things like weights, bands and


Before you come to Class

Before Your Come To Class

BEFORE YOU COME TO CLASS Know before you go!   Following the briefing from the BC provincial government, proof of vaccine will soon be required at the studio. September 13th, you must have proof of partial vaccination to practice in the studio. You may prove your vaccination status with your paper immunization record card or

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