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  Vaccine Update

Following the briefing from the BC provincial government, proof of vaccine will soon be required at the studio.

September 13th, you must have proof of partial vaccination to practice in the studio. You may prove your vaccination status with your paper immunization record card or the QR code provided to you by the provincial government. You must also show a piece of government-issued photo id. September 27th, your paper immunization record is no longer sufficient and you will require your provincial QR code. October 24th, you must have proof of full vaccination status to attend classes in person. This means it has been at least 7 days since your second dose of the vaccine.

How it will work at the studio:

We’ll ask you to provide us with either your QR code via app or physical card provided to you by the Province. You’ll also need to show us at least once piece of government-issued photo id. Once verified, our software will add a check mark that appears next to your name (this provides staff with no medical or personal information). If partially vaccinated, we will ask again on Oct. 24 to see your fully vaccinated status. If you prefer, you can choose to not have your status noted on your profile and show us your vaccination status each time you come in for class. We thank you in advance for your understanding and respect that our studio and staff have no control over these measures. Please note that these policies come directly from the provincial government. The pandemic has presented small businesses with endless challenge after challenge. These hurdles have resulted in many businesses unfortunately closing their doors and we want to continue to be here for our community. Complying does not mean that our business agrees or disagrees. Complying means our business can stay open. We respect your choice and ability to make the best decision for your body. We will continue to follow the mandates required by the provincial government to ensure the safest environment for our community. Further, there are many students waiting for this mandate to come into effect to return to the studio. For those with compromised immune systems, those who live in multi-generational households and those who simply feel too anxious to practice when they aren’t sure of the vaccination status of those around them, we will be checking the vaccination status of everyone who comes into our studio. If you are unable to practice in our studio due to your vaccination status, we would love to help you continue your practice via our Live Online Zoom classes or our On Demand library. Please let us know if you’d like some help trying these options out. We appreciate your love and support as always.? Before you come to ClassYoga Safety Yoga Studio Policy update
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