• Please complete your registration online prior to attending class.
  • Book your classes online to guarantee your spot in class. Class registration opens 7 days in advance. We do accept walk-in if there are spots available.
  • If a class is full, join the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you will receive an email and text notification letting you know you’ve been automatically added to the class (DO NOT RESPOND to notification). This can happen up to 1 hour before the class starts. If you are on the waitlist and are no longer available, please remove yourself, as you will be responsible for any no show/late cancellation charges should you be added
  • Please note: if you are not “opted in” for email and text notifications in our system, you will not receive an email or notification.


  • We have a strict 4-hour no show/late cancellation policy for all in-studio classes. Cancellations made after this time window is considered late cancel.
  • If you have a drop-in or class card and late cancel, you will lose the drop-in or a class from the class card.
  • If you have an unlimited membership and late cancel you will be charged a late cancel fee of $25 for in-person classes.
  • Sorry, no exceptions.
  • If class has already started when you arrive at the studio, you will not be allowed to practice and will owe a late cancel fee.


  • If this is your first class at our studio, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class.
  • Sign-in starts 20 minutes before class.
  • Latecomers will not be admitted. Please be ready for practice on your mat at least 5 minutes before the start of class. We adhere strictly to this policy for the safety of our members and respect for those members who were able to arrive on time.


  • Please be ready on your mat 5 minutes before the start of class.
  • We are a scent-free studio. Please do not wear or use any perfumes or scented products in the studio, including in the change rooms.  If you are wearing any fragrances, you may be asked to shower before being permitted into class. This is for the safety of our clients. Please note that heavily scented laundry detergent and laundry scent boosters are included in the list of scented products.
  • Masks must be worn at all times in common areas of the studio. Masks can be removed once you are on your mat in the yoga room. Masks must be worn correctly covering both your mouth and nose.
  • When leaving the yoga room after class, please do so quietly so as not to disturb those students still in their final savasana.
  • No cell phone use is permitted in the yoga room. If you bring your cell phone into the room with you, it must be off, not just on silent. We recommend leaving your phone with your items in the change room, as the heat and humidity in the hot room is not ideal for electronics.
  • Please take short, quick showers. Showers and change rooms are open 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after class.


  • We do not offer refunds.  Cancellations of consumer contracts and refunds will only be made in accordance with sections 25 and 27 of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.


  • Memberships cannot be transferred to another person. A membership may, however, be purchased as a gift for another person.


  • All memberships will expire in the allotted time and must be activated within 24 months of purchase date. Memberships are activated when you take your first class using that membership. Memberships expiration dates are different for every package.
  • Expiration dates are listed below:
  • 10 class card – expires 6 months from first use

**Please note that memberships bought during a sale or promotion may have different expiration dates from those listed here.



  • For these packages, no holds are allowed unless a doctor’s note is provided.


  • If you have an auto pay membership we require 15 days written notice before the next payment date.  These memberships can be put on hold once a year for up to 60 days to maintain your discounted rate.  If you wish to hold for longer than 60 days, we will require a doctor’s note or you will be subject to a $25/ month hold fee.