Take a moment. Sit down and think about how you’re feeling today. Is it different from how you felt before the challenge started?


  • how’s your sleep?
  • have you gained muscle?
  • do your clothes feel like they fit differently?
  • has your mood changed over the last two months?
  • is there a new class or time of day to practice that you’ve enjoyed more than you thought you would?
  • have you had a change in appetite?

There are no right or wrong answers, but these are the first step in figuring out how to carry your success forward.


If you’ve noticed no differences on or off your mat, or if you’ve noticed negative shifts, maybe your body is telling you that the practice schedule you’ve adopted isn’t working for you.

If you HAVE noticed some positive changes, identify what worked for you in the challenge and keep that going moving forward!


  • how many classes you take per week
  • what time of day worked best for you
  • which types of classes felt best
  • what motivated you to get to class


Here are some of our favourite tips to keep your momentum going after a challenge:

Schedule your classes ahead of time!

For challenges, members often have to plan when they’re going to practice each week to be sure they’re hitting their goals. This helps you make your practice a priority! Schedule a class, put it in a calendar, and treat it like any other appointment at work or even with a mechanic or healthcare professional. It’s important and not something to miss!

Find a yoga date

Connect with a team member or maybe a friend that hasn’t practiced before and schedule yoga dates together. You’re less likely to bail on class if you’d be letting a friend down too!


Don’t forget to actually celebrate. Even if you didn’t completely crush your goal, you’re WAY ahead of where you were before your challenge and we’re proud of you. Celebrate with your fellow challengers and maybe even treat yourself to a new mat or towel.

Take a break

Sometimes when we finish a challenge, a break can be the very best thing for us to feel like we’re keeping things fresh and focusing on ourselves. Take a week off then get back at it!

Keep it Challenging!

Especially if there’s a posture you find easy now that you’ve gotten stronger, check in with an instructor! Just like your teachers love to help you modify postures to make them easier, they’re always ready to help you refine and amp up your postures as well.

Set a new goal

It doesn’t have to be another challenge, but having a tangible, specific goal to work towards can help you stay committed. Maybe it’s as simple as doing one class at home per week or doing at least one 90 minute Bikram class each week. Connect with our team if you’d like some guidance, or check out our podcast episode about goal setting here.