Yoga 360 Student of the Month (January): Amina N.

Yoga 360 Student of the Month (January): Amina N.

Chronic back pain was a key motivator for Amina to try Bikram yoga. “My lower back pain was a great hindrance in my day-to-day tasks, and I thought that it would never go away,” she says.

One of her friends suggested that she try the Yoga 360 studio and, although she does many kids of exercise at home, knew immediately that Bikram yoga was right for her. “I enjoyed it a lot,” Amina says of her first class.

The heat and the length of the class didn’t faze her. In fact, she came prepared to have a great experience, “I heard about the hot Yoga: that it is good for mind, body and soul.” Indeed, the cosmetologist and mother of two has experienced amazing benefits, notably, an improvement to her back pain.

“Since I started doing Bikram yoga, my back pain has been reduced tremendously,” she explains. Other people have noticed how well she looks: “They say that I look very fresh and my body looks toned.” Amina herself notes that her skin feels and looks great. Amina loves how rejuvenated and active she feels after every class.

Although she never would have imagined doing Bikram yoga a year ago, now she won’t miss her 5 90-minute Bikram classes each week.

How does a wife and mother of two young children make the time for 5 90-minute yoga classes each week? “I specifically make time to do the Yoga classes and I am very particular about it,” Amina explains. She also says, “The days that I don’t do it, I really miss it.”

Amina has is grateful that she found this yoga practice. “This is the best thing I have done for myself, and I will recommend it to everyone.