New Students



We know it can be intimidating to start something new.  All our classes are suitable for all ages and levels of ability, no experience necessary. Our highly trained teachers and staff are committed to help you bring out your best self through the healing and powerful practice of therapeutic yoga and pilates.  You will see fast and effective results, make new friends, and transform your life alongside a fun and supportive community of like-mined people.  Start living a happier and healthier life today. 


• Unlimited Yoga and Pilates in studio, online LIVE and On Demand
• Intro Month $69 automatically renews at discounted rate of $129 (Regular $149. SAVE $20) when you continue on during your intro month.
• Automatically renews monthly
• No commitment
• 15 Days Written Notice to Cancel
• 15% OFF retail
• Free Monthly Guest Pass
• Can be put on hold once a year for up to 60 days to maintain discounted rate.
• Invest in yourself! Best value if you practice 2+ times/week.

Some Tips for Attending your First Class

Arrive Early

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before class. All classes start promptly and late arrivals will not be admitted into the class.

Registration and Waiver Form

You must pre-register for class. No walk-ins allowed.

Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water throughout the day at least 3-4 L each day.


Refrain from eating 2-3 hours before class.

What to Bring

Water, 2 large towels, yoga mat, props, and small bag for your wallet, keys, and phone.

What to Wear

Wear breathable, comfortable clothing that you can stretch and sweat in. Sports tops and shorts are the most comfortable. Please refrain from wearing perfume, scented oils and lotions. Please remove footwear before entering the yoga room. Shoes and socks are not to be worn in the yoga room.

Have Fun!

Come with an open mind and open heart and be prepared to sweat.