Yoga 360 Student of the Month (August): Jenny K.

jenny_bow“People make comments on how I can look so good after having three children,” says Jenny, a mother of three children under 10, a family nurse practitioner and UBC Masters of Nursing lecturer, “One word sums it up: Bikram.”
Jenny wasn’t always so enviably toned: “Bikram yoga completely changed my body: I lost 20 pounds; I had definition and shape. After years of going to the gym and running on a treadmill, I never saw results like I saw after only 4 months of Bikram yoga.” “Mind you,” she adds, “I was going 4-5 days per week.”
“It was very hard. I had been a gymnast as a child for many years and was frustrated when I couldn’t even balance on one leg. I was using muscles I had never used before,” she exclaims. “I was determined to one day be in the front row and mastering standing bow,” she asserts.
“I did my first Bikram class in 2001... And never went back,” she admits. After that rocky start, Jenny committed to a regular yoga practice in 2004. When she moved to Los Angeles, she and her husband, Jason, took the opportunity to do intensive classes with Bikram himself.
“I personally enjoy that there are no candles or chanting and more time is jenny_trianglespent on moving and challenging your body. You find the meditation in the peak of holding a pose and then pushing through and never giving up. ” Jenny find new challenges in her yoga practice all the time, “No class is ever the same for me and it never gets easy. It’s always a challenge, and I embrace that.” Even though she has doing the same postures in the same order for 10 years, she doesn’t find it repetitive. “Each class, I want to see where my body can go given how I am feeling that day. If it ever got to a place of complacency, then that would be dull and boring, but I don’t see Bikram like that.” While she is always working on her postures from the beginning series, she has also started doing the Mastercore Intermediate class. “Starting the advanced series has been new and amazing – another challenge I look forward to taking on.”

jenny“My goal is to always be capable and to do yoga until I’m 100. I’m not kidding!” Jenny exclaims. “I don’t ever want to be dependent on a walker or wheelchair.” Prior to starting Bikram yoga, Jenny had three knee surgeries and avoided further surgeries through a conscientious yoga practice. Jenny experienced other health benefits as well, “my cardiovascular endurance became stronger; I was more limber; I’m able to play with my kids at their level and not groan with every crouching position.”
Jenny knows that Bikram yoga will be part of her life, and her family’s life, forever. “I will never not do yoga. After having children my time is obviously more limited, so my goal is 2-3 days per week. You have to make time for your health. We have full-time jobs and three children, so some days you don’t sleep as much, but it’s important that we allow ourselves the time, even if it’s only two days per week.”
Speaking of children, “I was back in the studio within 2 weeks of the birth of all three children and lost 40 pounds in 6 months.” Jenny knows that it is important to model a healthy lifestyle for her children, “My 8 year-old loves yoga, and it is so beneficial for children to see their parents fit and active and taking care of their health.” The yoga bug is nurse-approved, “It’s contagious and so necessary for the next generation.”
Thinking especially of working moms like her, Jenny offers this advice: “No excuses. I know there are days you don’t feel up to it, but the hardest part is getting there. Once you are there and your class is completed, you feel such a sense of achievement, confidence and happiness – you did it! And then go back – every day if you can, and you will see the results.”


Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Couple of the Month (February): Kate & Travis

These two pilots have been flying high on Bikram yoga - they love seeing the changes in each other's bodies, a reduction in anxiety and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a Bikram yoga class. Kate had wanted to try Bikram yoga around Valentine's Day last year; they never made it in, but started to practice regularly a few months ago and will certainly be working yoga into their Valentine's Day Plans this year! Read more about Kate & Travis's love of yoga Read More


Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Student of the Month (January): Ross

Although he left his career as a chiropractor to become an actor, Ross won't pretend that Bikram yoga isn't hot and hard. He also knows that it delivers a wealth of health benefits in a short period of time. Is the soft, smooth skin that comes with his committed Bikram yoga practice beneficial to this actor? Read More


Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Student of the Month (October 2012): Dave

When he was told that he was going to be featured as our Student of the Month, Dave's reaction was, "What!!? Me!!? Student of the Month? I mean, it's an honour just to be nominated, but.. You like me; you really LIKE me!!"

If you don't already know him, that gives you a taste of what a great sense of humour Dave has, even when he's "playing 'Simon Says' in Hell". (That's what he calls Bikram Yoga classes.)

Considering that Dave is also a Major in the Army Reserves and manages the City of Vancouver's Tactical Training Centre, I'm sure our instructors are not the toughest task-masters he's ever seen. Dave begs to differ. He recounts the horror of his first class thus: "after about an hour, when I was sure I could not take one more minute in that place, the instructor (I think it was Mary) said, "Okay, we're almost halfway done!"

Although Dave still puts a Bikram class on par with the heat of The Sun, he loves what it's done for him: "It's a little known fact, but Bikram Yoga actually helps one prepare for the Army Battle Fitness Test." (Thanks to Drill Sargent Mary.)

Dave's 'hot' and flexible figure has also been garnering comments. In the first six months of practicing, he lost 30 pounds. Even better, he brags that he can now put his socks on without sitting down first. He's also been able to cut back on his blood pressure medication, sleeps better, has more energy, is more flexible, has less joint pain and says "life just seems easier to handle."

For someone who never imagined he would've been doing something like this before his wife signed him up for Bikram classes, Dave sounds like a committed yogi: "I like the effects on my health and fitness the most, but I also like that every time I go into the studio I am facing a challenge and succeeding. The first day I actually did a recognizable Floor Bow was, well, it was a good day."

Dave's future goals for his life, yoga practice and health include more all of these - more life, more yoga and more health.


Hear what he had to say back in April:   


Dave W testimonial



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