Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Student of the Month (December): Vicki K.

One of the aspects of Bikram yoga that Vicki loves is the inclusive and positive community: "Part of what makes me feel comfortable is that we’re all there from different backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes, yet all challenging ourselves through the same pattern of movements.” Around a year ago, Vicki became "addicted" to achieving small goals and improving incrementally with each class. Read about Vicki's recent big breakthrough (hint: she thought she would never see her foot above her heat in Standing Bow pose) and other accomplishments and benefits of her 4-5 class per week practice here. Read More


Yoga 360 Surrey Student of the Month (December): Kam G.

A life-long athelete who also suffered his share of sports injuries, Kam will be celebrating his one-year anniversary as a Bikram yoga this month. However, going from the football pitch to the yoga studio wasn't an easy transition for Kam: “I was a typical guy when it came to yoga,” Kam laughs, “I wasn’t going to stand there with lots of ladies.” Yoga was both much more difficult and much more rewarding than he had anticipated. He loves that he is always being challenged by his yoga practice, even as he sees progress. Learn more about how Bikram yoga humbled this macho jock and helped him to heal his injuries and return to the sports he loves, as well as change some attitudes about yogis here. Read More


Bikram Yoga Langley Student of the Month (December): Ana P.

Ana's sentiments exactly echo the opposite of how most people think of their first Bikram yoga class: "My first class was horrible and so hard, thank goodness. If it didn't kill me, I would have never come back.” That was 12 years ago. Being able to pursue her other activities without pain, as well as the ongoing challenge of each Bikram yoga class help keep Ana motivated to pursue her 3 class per week (minimum) schedule. Ana, a psychiatric nurse, notes that the time she spends doing yoga pays off in every aspect of her life. "I make time, because I can’t take care of people at work, my dogs, my friends or family if I’m not healthy.” Read More


Yoga 360 Surrey Students of the Month: Shawn Papatoff & Lisa Porter

Shawn, Lisa along with their daughter make Bikram yoga a family practice. They love talking about their yoga successes in the car on the way to or from class and have noticed that they are all happier, calmer and stronger as a family, whether they attend class separately or together. Lisa is a high-school teacher who started attending Bikram yoga to deal with the stress of the teacher's strike, now that school is back in, she's still experiencing the calming benefits of her yoga practice: "Just today one of my students commented to me that I seem "more relaxed" this year as compared with last year. Though he wasn't commenting directly on my yoga practice, I felt like his remark reflected on the important impact it has on my whole self, which is that I feel calmer, more "present", and less stressed. Yoga gives me a regular break and opportunity to spend working on myself and focusing on my own strengths and areas for improvements." The family reflects on some improvements they've seen: "Shawn notices that he is more flexible than he used to be, and I am impressed that he can do a toe stand and hold both hands up in prayer position for the whole time! For me," Lisa notes, "full locust pose is always a challenge, and I'm encouraged to see that I am finally starting to get my legs higher than they used to be. Our daughter is an equestrian rider, and she and her coach have noticed improvements to her riding as she has increased her flexibility and core strength." If you want to hear more about how Bikram yoga has impacted Shawn and Lisa's lives, how they've changed their views on yoga and even what is up with the "Japanese ham sandwich", read the full story on our blog. Read More


Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Student of the Month (November): Mai Tran

After working non-stop for 19 years, Mai decided to a break from the daily grind to focus on herself; however, she found herself at a loose end before she found Bikram yoga: "One of my top strengths is focus. I had been focusing on and dedicated to work all my life, so when I stopped working, I lost my focus. Taking bikram yoga gives me something to focus on, and also keep fit." This new focus has been life-changing: "For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable and confident with my body," she says. Check out the Mai's full story to hear about how Bikram yoga has helped her transform herself inside and out. Read More


Bikram Yoga Langley Students of the Month (November): Giovanni & Araceli Dinicola

A doctor's ultimatum brought Araceli to Bikram Yoga Langley: "I went for a check-up and had an ultra sound to check on my liver function. The doctor's advice was either take medication or do exercise. So, I chose Bikram yoga." Among the many incredible accomplishments Araceli has had in Bikram yoga, getting Gianni into the room and loving Bikram yoga may be one of the greatest: "Araceli is wonderful – she pushes me. If she goes in the morning, and it becomes four in the afternoon, she says, 'C’mon Gianni, you gotta go.'" This couple has lost weight, reduced stressed and grown younger through yoga practice. Read on to discover more of their inspiring story. Read More


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