Bikram Yoga Langley Student of the Month (April): Katelynn

  katelynn 2You might have heard that "some people are born in a steel factory, and some people are born in a noodle factory," meaning some people are naturally strong but need help with flexibility, and some people are naturally flexible but need help to build strength.

It's clear from Katelynn's amazing back bend that this 25 year-old pastry chef was born in a noodle factory.

Another thing we hear in Bikram Yoga Class is that "this is not a cheesecake factory," meaning you have to work hard for the benefits this yoga practice brings.

Katelynn and her partner of three years, Deylan, probably weren't expecting to go to the Cheesecake factory when they went to their first class, but they still surprised. "We didn't know what Bikram yoga was the first time we tried it. We thought yoga was yoga was yoga. Not knowing the room was hot, Deylan and I both went in the room in pants and full shirts. If we didn't sign up for the 2 week trial, our first class would have been our last class."

Although she might not have loved it immediately, it didn't take long for her to realize how good this yoga is for body and mind. Along with Deylan, she also convinced 2 of her 7 siblings to try Bikram Yoga. Her friend Taryn credits Katelynn with motivating her to get to class and helping her to complete her 30-Day Challenge in March.

Katelynn has made some big changes in her life in the past 8 months, and credits Bikram yoga. Katelynn's work environment is no cheesecake factory either - working as a pastry chef for the Great Canadian Gaming Corp. can be stressful and demanding. Since she started yoga she has noticed that she handles stressful situations much better and has even quit smoking!

At this point, Katelynn can genuinely say that she loves Bikram yoga: "I love Bikram yoga because I'm forced to think about absolutely nothing but my practice when I'm in the room. An hour and a half of no stress!"

Sadly, Katelynn injured her shoulder very badly in another pursuit just 5 days before completing our most recent 30-day challenge. This didn't deter her for long, and she was back in class just four days later, healing her body naturally.

She says she has no plans of stopping doing Bikram Yoga anytime soon and , in fact, hopes to try the advanced series and to compete in a Bikram yoga competition next year. katelynn 1 (2)


Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Student of the Month (March): Maya

maya 3Maya is one of those inspiring people who claimed she would "just watch" during her first yoga class at the Maple Ridge studio's open house, and ended up completing a 100-day challenge and changing her life. A desire to change her life, if not exactly do yoga, pushed her through the door on her first day. Maya explains, "I was at the upper end of the morbidly obese category – too fat to run, jump or move with any grace. I figured Yoga would be a 'gentle' way for me to start doing something before my health suffered any more.  My weight had started to affect my health, something had to change; my lifestyle had to change." She decided to establish a new lifestyle, one of making fitness a priority and part of her daily life, by signing up to do 30 yoga classes in 30 days. She insists that while her physical health may have been poor, her mental health was just fine when she made this decision, thank you: "You don’t start with a 100 day challenge… Who’d be crazy enough to do that? You start with 30 days." [caption id="attachment_508" align="alignleft" width="450"]maya 1 Maya in what remains her favorite posture - savasana[/caption] Despite flaunting her T-shirt reading "I'm only here for savasana", she did everything but lie around. Those 30 classes flew by, "I didn’t think I could do it when I started… Before I knew it I was done." [caption id="attachment_509" align="alignright" width="400"]maya 2 Challenge completed![/caption] "A bunch of the ladies that completed the 30-day challenge with me said we should go on to do a 60-day challenge. I laughed at their craziness. Who in their right mind does 60 consecutive days of Bikram yoga? But, I joined in, to lend my support to my friends. Next thing I knew, we’d completed 60." When studio owner Candice told Maya she had to keep going from 60 to 100 consecutive classes Maya laughed. Inside she was asking, "What kind of nut job do you think I am?" Apparently, Candice knew that Maya was exactly the kind of nut job who was nuts about yoga and all of the positive changes it was making in her life. Maya decided that she would never know if she really could to 100 classes if she didn't try. So she decided to take on the challenge one class at a time. As she neared the end of her 100-day challenge she learned, devastatingly, that she'd miscalculated somewhere along the line and needed to do five classes in two days to complete her 100 classes in 100 days. "My first thoughts were, 'Well, I’m done. There is no way that is going to happen – and so close too.' Then I thought, 'If I ever want to do 100 classes in 100 days, I’d have to start at day one…  Dang!  I can do this. I’ll do a double and a triple back-to-back.'” [caption id="attachment_511" align="alignleft" width="245"]maya 4 Maya's sweaty family celebration[/caption] Maya celebrated completing her (first) 100-day challenge by doing the 100th class with her husband and two sons. Of course, Maya hasn't stopped at 100 classes. Her goal for 2012 was a mere 250 in 365 days. She's currently doing the 60 classes in 100 days challenge, and someone she sarcastically calls her 'friend' has signed her up for another 30-day challenge in March, so she won't be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Maya's even considering stretching this next 30-day challenge into another 100-day challenge. While she loves being able to say "I have done 100 Bikram Yoga classes in 100 days", and being one of the rare and crazy breed that does this kind of thing, her favorite part of her daily Bikram yoga practice is the outright lifestyle change it brought about for her. [caption id="attachment_512" align="alignright" width="210"]Maya's Phone 2011 033 Maya BBY (Before Bikram Yoga)[/caption] Maya has slimmed down, changed her attitude towards food and herself and is also combating her diabetes. She has kindly opted to share a pre-100-day challenge photo, which explains this way, "I don’t have a lot of “fat” pictures of me… I stopped taking photos of me around then. I did attach one that shows my many chins, and the reason for them." The changes are striking, and we know that she will only continue to get better, happier and stronger. "If I am fortunate enough to complete another 100 day challenge, the first thing I’ll do is take a day or two off from doing Bikram Yoga and treat myself to a full-blown day at the spa." Sounds great. Sign me up, too!


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