BYL Student of the Month: Eve Johnson

When I first joined BYL in early 2009, I was looking for a form of exercise that I wouldn't grow tired of easily. I was hooked on my new found form of exercise right from the start and was practicing 4-6 days a week. One thing that I especially loved was how there's no limit as to how often one can practice this yoga.  


I know the teachers tell us of all the benefits of each posture while we are in posture but it's hard to believe them until you see your body and mind change little by little. Outside of the hot room, I found myself less stressed especially at my job as an RN, more patient (especially with my husband), thinner, eating healthier, and a lot happier.


In late 2009 my practice was put on hold when I was pregnant with my daughter and felt too sick or fatigued to practice. I truly believe that had it not been for Bikram yoga, I wouldn't have gotten pregnant so easily and wouldn't have stayed so healthy during my pregnancy.  


Not only did this yoga help with the pregnancy, it helped me breathe through all my contractions during labor. Even the doctors were very impressed that I was already 8cm dilated with my first trip to the birthing unit. The funny thing was, I thought it was false labor all along and was ready to breathe through another week of this pain. I was even embarrassed that my husband made me drag my suitcase to the birthing unit because I was sure they were going to send me home. BYL teacher Dianne had once said during class that this yoga will be the hardest thing we'll ever do. And you know what - she's right. Giving birth would've been the hardest thing had I not been practicing this yoga regularly prior. But because I did, the whole experience just seemed like a 21 hour yoga (pranayama breathing) marathon! Just when I thought I had nothing left after two and a half hours of pushing, I managed to gather enough breaths together and do another hour more before my baby was born.  


After giving birth, this yoga also took part in giving me my pre-pregnancy body back, regulating my milk supply, making me a little more patient and happy and keeping my spine healthy so that I can continue to carry my 23 pounds sack-a-potatoes (baby) up and down the many stairs in our town home. Going through my personal life changing experience has helped me develop a new fondness for this yoga. During a really hot & challenging class, the old me would be screaming at the teacher (in my mind) to turn on the darn fan but the new me now just smiles and carries on with the breathing until the heat or other discomfort is no longer bothersome.


Product of the Month: Tonic Lifestyle Apparel

This month we are expecting a new line of yoga wear to arrive at the studio

Tonic is a Canadian yoga and active wear company which began in March 2004 to create a lifestyle line for today's modern women. The line was inspired by the west coast lifestyle, which supports healthy and active living.

Originally designed to meet the needs of yoga, TONIC's line of workout wear is no longer tied to any one discipline. The clothing is fashionable and functional. Its look is simple and clean, making it easy to wear the clothes for athletics and for urban living. TONIC is a tribute to women through the union of inner and outer beauty. It is created with the focus on fit, function, and fashion.

Learn more at


Student of the Month

Are you interested in being featured as out BYL student of the month? Have an interesting story to tell? Email us at or talk to Candice at the studio. Also be sure to check out Brendan and Lizanne's features!


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