Yoga 360 Surrey Student of the Month (December): Kam G.

This branch manager in a global logistics company was born in Fiji, educated in New Zealand and has been in Canada ever since; Kam’s speech has a bouncing positivity, peppered with unique turns of phrase and boldly honest statements. He has been active in sports almost his whole life and has a particular love of (European) football. However, aches, pains and injury have also dogged him throughout his life: “I have done lots of sports since I was a little kid, but I’ve always had some lingering pain.”
“I had a sports injury,” Kam explains what brought him to Bikram yoga, “and I few of my friends that had had injuries suggested yoga to help with recuperation.” Kam realized that yoga would not only help heal his injuries, but to prevent new ones as well: “My sports injury was the result of the fact that I wasn’t very flexible and wasn’t doing enough about gaining flexibility as I was aging.”
Despite this, Kam admits to having some reservations before committing to a regular Bikram yoga practice. “ To be honest, I was skeptical about it. I heard about it through a friend’s sister (eventually, she became an instructor last year). She always told me it was really good, and it would benefit me with all my sports.” So what was holding him back? “I was a typical guy when it came to yoga,” Kam laughs, “I wasn’t going to stand there with lots of ladies.”
However consulting with his physiotherapist confirmed the benefits of Bikram yoga, “she suggested doing something like yoga that would build my core & flexibility.”
Kam recalls his first Bikram yoga class as a humbling experience for a macho jock. “I was pretty much bagged by the time I was finished. I did have to take some breathers and catch my breathe after the class, which was pretty humbling for me, because I do lots of sports. It kind of put me in my place and wasn’t the cake walk that I thought it would be.” 
Most people find the heat a challenge, but that aspect of the class is something that Kam was able to take in stride. “Because I’m from a tropical country, the heat wasn’t too much.”
Kam will soon be celebrating his one-year anniversary practicing Bikram yoga, and has noticed lots of benefits. “I don’t wake up with aches & pains. I’ve torn my pectoral muscle, and doing certain movements I would feel it; now I don’t feel it. It’s been very nice in that sense.” He describes some healing benefits he’s experienced: “By doing yoga, now, I can run up the steps without thinking about it. I don’t have to worry about tearing something or aggravating an old injury.”
A regular Bikram practice of 3-4 times per week has even allowed Kam to return to football with ease. “Well, I hadn’t played football for a bit there while I was rehabbing. After I while, I went back to play. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up the next morning — I expected to pay the price because I hadn’t been playing, but I didn’t have the muscle pains that I expect to have. So, that was really an eye opener for me.”
Kam has also noticed that Bikram has tuned up his cardio health. “Improved cardio is definitely up there. When I go to the gym, I don’t have to do that much at the gym; it seems like my cardio’s already boosted up.” He elaborates, “When you’re doing yoga, you don’t really realize that you’re working on your cardio. The only time you time you really notice your cardio busting out is Balancing Stick.” Does Kam consider Bikram yoga a cardio workout? “Overall, it’s subtly there without you noticing it.”
Stress reduction has also been a key benefit of practicing Bikram yoga for Kam, “I have a very stressful job. When I come out of there (a Bikram yoga class), I’ve gained a lot of energy and my mind is very clear. It’s almost like a reset button for your mind.”
When asked if he would have imagined himself practicing Bikram yoga a few years ago, Kam declares, “Absolutely not!” While his sports friends might’ve initially had the same attitude, Kam says, “My sports friends realize it has benefits.” “I’m beginning to change their stereotypes,” Kam adds. He is quick to point out that some of his friends were already doing Bikram yoga and were a bit of an influence on him. “They’re pleasantly surprised that I’ve stuck with it.”
Making it a priority, setting goals and keeping it fresh are all ways that Kam motivates himself to continue to stick with his Bikram yoga practice. Kam will rearrange his schedule to get his Bikram classes in, and notes that it keeps him from some bad habits, “It cuts down on my TV time.” He also says his sleep schedule helps, “I don’t sleep much - I can be effective between five to six hours of sleep.” He also realizes that staying in shape, physically and mentally, will only benefit him and those around him in the long run, and gives this example: “If I’m hiring someone for work, if I find out that they’re taking care of themselves, I feel they’re bringing value to the business. If a person cannot take care of themselves, they become a challenge rather than a valuable part of your team.”
“I try to mix it up, even though I know that the one and a half hour class has lots of benefits, I like to throw in the express class because it’s different – each is helpful in their own ways.” Kam notes that unlike other forms of exercise, each Bikram class is a new experience. “If you work out in a gym and you know you can do 30 pounds, every day you come, you know you can do 30 pounds. In Bikram yoga it’s different every day – you still make improvements, but on any given day you don’t know which one will smack you in the butt and which one you will excel at.”
Of course, one of the greatest motivators is feeling good and being able to enjoy the sport he loves. “The real impact is my ability to go play sports and not come back feeling muscle aches. In the past, I would spend about half an hour stretching up, now I spend less, because I know my body’s already in a really good state and just needs a little bit of stretching before games.”
“My goal is always to look after myself to reduce the risk of having a really tough time in old age. As you grow older, life can be pretty challenging. Whatever I can do in terms of staying active, whatever I can do to reduce having arthritis and back problems, then it’s good for me.” Kam intends to make Bikram yoga a part of his life and fitness for a long time to come, “It’s different from lifting weights, you can do yoga even in your 60s and 70s.” Although he only laughs when asked his age, we’d guess he’s not there yet. He also laughs about the indulgences yoga allows him, “it allows me to enjoy crap food every now & again.”
Kam also has goals for his yoga practice, “There is one position that I figured that I would get better at in a year, and that is Standing Head to Knee. When I say that it’s so embarrassing, because I can’t get my leg straight right now. When I get that one, I’ll feel like I’ve made some progress in my yoga class,” He exclaims.
‚Ä®For now, Kam continues to work on his standing head to knee as well as his expectations of himself. “Bikram yoga is fun. You don’ t have to have expectations. Just try it. It does wonders, whether you’re doing it to the fullest extent or where you can get to.”


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Harold Dancy
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