Bikram Yoga Maple Ridge Student of the Month (November): Mai Tran

While Bikram yoga has given her a daily purpose during a new phase in her life, Mai notes that you have to be ready to be challenged and make a commitment before you can really enjoy Bikram yoga. "My first class was 8 years ago, and I did not come back. I did not really enjoy it, as I was not ready for it." After working non-stop for 19 years, this married, 36 year-old is taking a break from the daily grind to focus on herself; however, she found herself at a loose end before she found Bikram yoga: "One of my top strengths is focus. I had been focusing on and dedicated to work all my life, so when I stopped working, I lost my focus. Taking bikram yoga gives me something to focus on, and also keep fit."

"I loved what it did to my face and body," Mai says by way of explaining what made her take up a regular Bikram yoga practice, starting last July, "My body retains a lot of water, and after the first class I could see that my face was visibly smaller." She laughs, "It sounds funny, but it is true. It's also very good for the skin." Keeping fit has been an important motivator for Mai, but also life-changing. "For the first time in my life, I feel comfortable and confident with my body," she says. People around her have noticed changes as well, "Lots of people say I look different and look amazing."

Mai attends 4 to 5 Bikram yoga classes per week, among her other activities of spending time with family and friends, hiking and shopping. She acknowledges that it is easier for her than some other people to find time for her yoga practice because she's not working. Yoga has taught her a lot that working hard for years had not: "Yoga teaches me patience that I seem to lack in my life after working so long and so hard all my life. With yoga I can take time and reflect on what important in life." She adds that yoga has helped her change her attitude - she doesn't take life too seriously now and is able to relax. She says she's "not as uptight and hard-headed".

Aside from looking great and gaining a more relaxed outlook on life, Mai has also experienced positive health impacts thanks to her regular Bikram yoga practice. "Bikram yoga supposed to be very good for keeping a good core and help cure or minimize a lot of joint and bone issues," she explains, "I have a little problem with tendinitis, and it has helped me."


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Danie lee
Danie lee
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Nicholas North
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Harold Dancy
Harold Dancy
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